Blood Cancer Can Be Cured ! New Drug Found

blood cancer - New Drug - treatment - Imitinef Mercilet

No Side Effect Drug For Blood Cancer – Imitinef Mercilet -

Blood cancer or the malignancy, which affects human lymphatic system including blood or bone marrow can develop at any age. Blood cancer adversely affects the lifestyle of the patients suffering from it.

Imitinef Mercilet a drug to effectively cure blood cancer is recently unveiled by scientists. It works in such a way that it inhibits irregular enzymes which is responsible for the development of leukemia. The drug also blocks the productions of excess protein which is responsible of enlargement of tumor and cancer cells.

Side Effects of The Drugs -

Most cancer treatment methods carry a lot of side-effects with it. But The side effects of the drug is minimal since Imitinef Mercilet acts only through the cancerous cells and does not harm some other vital organ in your body. Since the drug is taken orally and it reaches bloodstream quickly and acts directly upon it there is no adverse long term side effects.

Although, few mild side-effects may occur while using Imitinef Mercilet, which lasts for a short while during just the term of the treatment. But few short-term side effects is noted by patients which includes rash, diarhoea, musculoskeletal ache, and vomiting. This drug also doesn’t affects liver.

Imitinef Mercilet – Free of Cost

Adyar Cancer Institute in chennai provides Imitinef Mercilet free of cost to patients who are admitted in the hospital to get cure from blood cancer. This vital information is circulated through internet and newspapers for creating awareness among people.

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  1. my anti suffering in blood cancer, HB 5.2 percent and RBC 2.2/mm, so plz any advise on e mail

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  2. God bless those how invented this medecine ….proud

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    • God Bless!

  3. my sister age 24 suffering from aml

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  4. im lahasya i have blood cancer pls send u r treatment details

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  5. thousands of thanks who found this medicine.other than this it is free of cost to the patients..Poor people also can used it and they will be cured.

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  6. I’m CML patient since 2002, my treatment dasatinibmy question the new medicine for total cure and will take for how many years and what is the cost or the medication just for control with minimum side effect.

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