Relationship problems between Spouse

Better half is not better anymore? You can always make them better and reignite the spark!


Cause : Couples today work an average of atleast 1000 more hours than 20 years ago. So there’s less quality time between them now.

Solution: Create a buffer zone by spending twenty minutes alone after you get home. Then get together with your partner and start speaking about the whole day. This will get the anger out before your make your discussion with your spouse.


Cause : Most couples don’t know how to balance the freedom and power the money brings and it’s trust supposed to deliver.

Solution : Work as a team and make mutual decisions. Open joint account and deposit more than two thirds of both your salaries in it. To avoid overspending plan a percentage of each person’s salary to be spent with freedom.


Cause : Trouble is typically between a man’s partner and his mother. That’s because both women are subconsciously competing for the attention for their man namely you.

Solution : Because solidarity is essential in the success of a relationship you must side with your partner in any disagreement. if your mum gets offended gently remind her that you are a husband first and a son second.


Cause : Seventy percent women report being less satisfied with their relationship in the year after the first baby arrives. This is because they have gone through a life-altering experience while their partners are lagging behind.

Solution : Stop pining for the carefree life you used to have. it’s over. Instead find new enjoyment in this little family unit you’ve created. Begin by getting involved in small ways.


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